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Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to learn more about Merely Madison Designs, I am so glad you did! Here is where you will find my latest work and all the information you need to get in touch with me. That’s me, Madison in the picture above, along with my Handsome husband Payton!

Merely Madison Designs is a Graphic Design Company specializing in designing Custom Announcements, Invitations, Holiday Cards and more for all of the Special Occasions and Events life has to offer! Merely Madison Designs offers the unique service of Custom Designing, which means your design is a true reflection of YOU and you tell us what you want! I am currently based out of Lubbock, Texas but love that my business allows me to work with clients all over the State and Country.

Merely Madison Designs began in Early 2010 with a few designs for family and friends! Word-of-mouth spread and people I hadn’t met before started contacting me to design for them and that’s where it all began! I am so thankful for all of the constant love and support I have had from my growing client base and I know the Lord has placed a hand in the growth of my business the past 6 and a half years!

Being able to share my creativity with you through Merely Madison Designs, brings me so much joy! Thank you for making my dreams come true!

Enjoy looking around my blog at my work and please contact me through the contact page at the top of my blog if you have any questions, inquires or would like to place an order.

Have a blessed day!

– Madison

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